Pargas is comprised of five joined municipalities; Pargas, Nagu, Iniö, Houtskär and Korpo.

The local museums in the area are custodians of the rich cultural heritage of the archipelago. The museums exhibits present a variety aspects, ranging from traditional hunting and fishing economies to the boat building, industrial history, farming, traditional crafts and maritime history.   

The museums in the Pargas Archipelago provide a wide assortment of cultural experiences and traditional knowledge. Welcome to visit our museums!

Museums in the Archipelago

  1. The Maritime House in Nag
  3. Korpo Local History Museum
  4. The Archipelago Museum in Houtskär
  5. The Stone House - The Local History museum in Utö
  6. The Small Pulley Museum in Iniö

The Maritime House in Nagu

Proud seafaring traditions of Nagu from the early 1800s until present day are on display in the Maritime House in Nagu. The exhibit reveals histories that pertain to shipbuilding, ship-ownership and ship’s crews.



8.6 – 15.8 tue-sun 11 - 18

17.8 – 31. 8  tue-sun 11 - 16

closed 25-27.6


Entry fee 4 € / 0 € children < 12


Kyrkostigen 3, 21660 Nagu.

Korpo Local History Museum

Inside the houses and cottages of this pittoresque museum are unique historic collections from the Åboland archipelago. At the beach there is a shed with traditional fishing gear.



Strömmavägen 39, 21710 Korpo

The Archipelago Museum in Houtskär

Ten wood-built buildings by the sea make up the Archipelago Museum located next to the church in Näsby. The museum exhibit contains boats, marine engines, fishing gear as well as several items used in the past by the islanders.


Näsby  Houtskär 

Lennart Brunnsberg 0400 – 723 375 

The Stone House - The Local History Museum in Utö

The Stone house is the oldest building on the island and was erected in 1753, together with the light house.



Karolina Zilliacus 0407331954 / 

The Small Pulley Museum in Iniö

The Pulley Museum is located next to the church in Iniö Norrby. In addition to the collection of pulleys and blocks there are also other objects which pertain to boats and vessels, and to travelling on the ice during winter times.

Open by appointment only.

Admission 3 €, children under 12 free admisson.

Bodgård, Norrby 23390, Iniö

Jukka Torikka 041 4566454